It is a Young, but significant
wine company of the LANGHE



Grapes and wine have always been (for at least the past five centuries) the principal resource of this area.
The particular features of the land and the excellent sun exposure make our vineyards in the Castiglia Region, in the Pianezzo hamlet of Dogliani, suited to the production of fine wines.
The wine estate situated in the heart of Dogliani is constantly expanding thanks to the commitment of family itself. Although Piergiorgio Marengo, a master wine maker, does not seek to acquire a mass market for his production, but a product of limited quantity yet of superior quality.

This constant and painstaking quality commitment, starts from the preparation of the eight hectares of company terrain, the careful selection of the clones and graft-holders, in the type of cultivation, and in the wine production processes using the most advanced techniques, whilst at the same time being sensitive to tradition; right up to the selection of the bottle, cork and label.
The result being a truly genuine and hygienically guaranteed product, that is wonderfully fragrant and delicate, to satisfy even the most refined palates.








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