Langhe Sauvignon DOC

Produced with Sauvignon Blanc grapes.
Ground: clay loamy, calcareous
Aspect: north-east
Type of farming: classic Guyot vertically trellised
Winemaking: in white wine reduction, with controlled temperature (18° C) fermentation. After the first fermentation the wine stops on the yeasts for 5 months with periodic remixed (battonages). At the end of these processes the wine is bottled.

The careful protection from oxidation determined by the use of inert gas (nitrogen and carbon dioxide), preserve and emphasize the aromatic nature of the vineyard.
Color: yellow straw color with slight greenish
Perfume: wide and sharp smell with notes of peach, vegetable, flower box and asparagus
Taste: robusty with warm and aromatic aftertaste
He goes together with cold starters and fish dishes.

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