MAGNUS Brut - classical traditional method

Produced with 50% Chardonnay grape and with 50% black Pinot grape
Ground: loamy sandy, calcareous
Aspect: north-west
Type of farming: classic Guyot vertically trellised
Winemaking: with white grape varietals with checked temperature, (18 degrees); completed the fermentation and sort the first dregs removal, the wine stops on the yeasts for 3 months with periodic remixing (battonages), after that, it is bottled by the “prise de mousse”; after fermented again, it rests on the yeasts for 36 months to be led and prepared for the sale.

The careful preparation and the refinement along in the bottle and with checked temperature, makes this product unique and rich of emotions.
Color: pale yellow color of average intensity with an abun dant and persistent foam, elegant and continuous perlages
Perfume: ample clean sense of smell notes of white flowers, bread’s crust and apple
Taste: winding and warm full savory taste with persistent and dry aftertaste
It goes well with cold appetizers, flat of fish and also with appetizers.

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