Produced with 100% Nebbiolo grape
Ground: loamy sandy, calcareous
Aspect: south-west
Type of farming: classic Guyot vertically trellised
Winemaking: red Hat winemaking emerged with daily turning, maceration of the peels until the end of alcoholic fermentation, racking and subsequent malolactic fermentation
Sharpening: in oak wood for 6 months followed by a sharpening in bottle for other 3 months before the sale.

The Nebbiolo is the noblest vineyard of Piedmont but it is also the most demanding, indeed late ripening, it requires warm, sunny exposure and well drained soils, it also requires particular attention in canopy management and the production must be contained in order to facilitate and assists as much as possible the maturation.
Color: medium intensity and bright living ruby
Perfume: clear floral notes of roses and violet accompanied by fruity notes of cherry and raspberry
Taste: at the end the taste is hot and harmonic with a slight tannic feeling which accompanies a long and very pleasant aftertaste
This Nebbiolo, thanks to its personality, goes well with main tasty courses and with game and red meats.

Campagna UE